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Rick Made This!

Custom Puzzles from Your Photography

Custom Puzzles from Your Photography

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We'll print your high quality photograph for you, and put it on a puzzle, making the perfect personalized gift!

Puzzles are available in 120pc (approximately 8" x 11") and 300pc (approximately 10" x 15").


  • Format: JPEG, PNG, or TIF format
  • Size: At least 200 dpi, preferably 300 dpi.  Multiple the dimension you want by the DPI to get the photo size.  For example, if you want an 11x14 panel, the photo resolution must be at least 2200x2800 (200 dpi) or 3300x4200 (300 dpi)

After you place your order, you can reply to the order confirmation and attach your photo *OR* reply with a link to your photo.  You will get a full refund if your photo is not suitable

Allow 1-2 weeks for shipment.


High Gloss Aluminum

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